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A lupus awareness and educational program from the American College of Rheumatology

A training program to educate promotores about lupus


ACR’s Understanding Lupus: Facilitators Guide

This guide provides the facilitator or promotores trainer with:

  • Information on the signs and symptom of lupus, who is at risk, and how lupus is diagnosed and treated.
  • Detailed breakdown of how to conduct a session, including what to say, how to time each section and how to organize session activities to give promotores practice sharing information about lupus.

ACR’s Understanding Lupus: PowerPoint Slides

  • PowerPoint Slides display information and illustrations for all participants to see. The PowerPoint slides can be used in rooms with computers and projectors. In rooms where technology is not available, they can be printed and given to each participant.

ACR’s Understanding Lupus: Program Documents

Program Documents include:

  • Did You Know? Cards engage participants with interesting facts.
  • Easel Pad Sheets are useful for presenting information to the group and brainstorming ideas.
  • Handouts include fact sheets, role play scenarios and activity worksheets.

Note: This page is only accessible from the link in the email that you received when you submitted a request to access these documents.

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