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Patients & Supporters

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In learning about lupus and how to manage it, we recommend that you start with this video series for an overview of lupus.

Signs and Symptoms of Lupus

Early diagnosis makes a real difference in the lives of people with lupus. Know the most common signs of lupus and take action, if you suspect you or someone close to you may have lupus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review these frequently asked questions to learn more about lupus, who is most at risk, and how to manage the disease.


Learn about common and emerging treatments for lupus, including drugs and biologics.

Self-Management Resources

As someone living with lupus, you play a vital role in taking care of and managing your health. There are many things you can do to help improve your lupus-related health problems. Examples include talking with your doctors about your symptoms, working together to develop your treatment plan, reducing stress, eating a nutritious and balanced […]


Explore resources that can help you manage lupus, including a symptom tracker and The Lupus Companion©, a mobile app for managing appointments, medications and more.

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