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A lupus awareness and educational program from the American College of Rheumatology

Understanding Lupus English Materials

A training program to educate promotores about lupus

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What Is Understanding Lupus?

Understanding Lupus is a bilingual training program that aims to increase promotores’ understanding of the signs and symptoms of lupus so that they can effectively raise lupus awareness in their communities.

The Understanding Lupus program gives promotores the skills to:

  • Describe lupus signs and symptoms
  • Raise lupus awareness in their communities
  • Identify and help clients overcome barriers to diagnosis
  • Find medical providers who diagnose and treat lupus
  • Help people living with lupus navigate the lupus care system

The training program includes a step-by-step guide for facilitators so they can successfully hold their own lupus education sessions for promotores in their communities. The training program is designed to be given in person or virtually through a web-based platform among a small group (around 15 promotores) during one 4-hour session or split into two 2-hour sessions.

Who should use the Understanding Lupus training curriculum?

Understanding Lupus is designed to train experienced promotores de salud at Latino-serving community-based organizations. The program teaches groups of experienced promotores how to conduct lupus outreach and raise awareness.

A facilitator or promotores trainer should deliver the Understanding Lupus training in person or virtually through a web-based platform to promotores. Understanding Lupus should not be used independently, as it is not a self-guided program.

Understanding Lupus is a bilingual training program. All materials are available in English and Spanish. Understanding Lupus contains all the necessary instructions and materials needed to hold a lupus education session. We encourage any organization that provides training to promotores to download Understanding Lupus and hope that you will use them to educate promotores in your network and/or community on lupus.

The Understanding Lupus program contains a Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and activities to engage the promotores. The program is designed to provide promotores with detailed knowledge on lupus, while providing them the opportunity to practice outreach techniques and skills through activities.

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Latinos is used throughout these webpages and Understanding Lupus training program to represent the Latinx community.

To access the full version of our curriculum, including the complete Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint slides and handouts for participants, please submit this form. You will receive an email to the address you provide in this form with instructions to download the resources.

    Privacy: The information you are providing will not be shared with any 3rd parties. This information will only be used for our tracking purposes and potential email communications from the Lupus Initiative to you. You can send us an email via our contact form at any time to have your information removed from our database.

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