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A lupus awareness and educational program from the American College of Rheumatology

The ACR Collaborative Initiatives (COIN) Department recognizes the following current ACR Collaborative Initiatives Special Committee Members for their support of and commitment to our mission of advancing health equity, eliminating health disparities, and improving the quality of patient lives:

Committee Roster

Chair: Noelle Rolle, MBBS, Augusta, GA (2026)

Kimberly DeQuattro, MD, Philadelphia, PA (2026)

Anita Dhanrajani, MBBS, MSc, New Orleans, LA (2026)(2022)

Charmayne Marie Dunlop-Thomas, MPH, MS, Atlanta, GA (2025)

Melissa Flores, MPH, MSW, New York, NY (2024)

Elizabeth Frame, MD, Los Angeles, CA (2024)

Shivani Garg, MD, MS, Middleton, WI (2024)(2022)

Sarfaraz Ahmed Hasni, MD, MSc, Bethesda, MD (2025)(2023)

Lauren Smith, MD, District Heights, MD (2025)

Katherine Yates, MD, Chapel Hill, NC (2024)

Marcy B. Bolster, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital (2024) (ACR BoD Liaison)

Learn more about the COIN Special Committee here >

Interested in getting involved with COIN? 

ACR/ARP members have the opportunity to get involved with COIN in a variety of ways.

  • Innovate – Generate project ideas that have social impact, achieve equity, improve access to care and advance rheumatology.
  • Grow – Guide and learn from colleagues. Respond to calls for interest. Edit educational content. Serve as an expert reviewer or guest. Lead or support project implementation.
  • Access – Utilize the resources available on our web pages to benefit yourself, your patients, your students and your community – and share them with colleagues and collaborators.

If you are interested in participating in future COIN projects, or have an idea for a new COIN project, contact the Collaborative Initiatives department at

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