State Action: School Nurse Training Project

About the School Nurse Training Project

The School Nurse Training Project came out of the need for state action to raise awareness among healthcare providers of lupus signs and symptoms and what to do if lupus is suspected. ACR is thrilled and honored to have worked with the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) on this important project!

Nurses who work with students in grades K-12 are trained by a rheumatology fellow and engage in critical conversations about how they can best help their students and their families if lupus is suspected. Additionally, a Lupus Care Plan and Pediatric to Adult Transition Plan are tangible tools that nurses receive and can utilize in their work.

Within the first three months of 2020, over 200 nurses were trained by rheumatology fellows in three states.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that school nurses and nursing administrators value the care plan and transition guide as tangible tools they can use with their students and their families.

Project findings

Nurses who receive training have indicated how valuable this information was, and many in attendance had students with lupus and were unsure how to best help them. Specifically, nurses have really valued the Lupus Care Plan and Pediatric to Adult Transition Plan as specific tools they can easily utilize.

How You Can Implement the Project

Are you connected with K-12 school nurses in the United States? Are you interested in receiving training for your school district nurses about lupus? If so, email Kate Chiseri, Senior Specialist at

The Lupus Care Plan, as well as the Pediatric to Adult Transition Plan can be downloaded below.

If you utilize these materials and they are helpful for you, please let us know!