Educators & Students

Complimentary Educational Resources

The ACR Lupus Initiative (TLI) offers the complimentary lupus educational resources listed below to medical and health professional schools in an effort to help increase the number of health care providers who are knowledgeable about diagnosing and treating lupus.

Our complimentary educational resources include:

  • PowerPoints—designed to be easily incorporated into medical school lectures on a variety of topics;
  • Traditional case studies—provide examples of how lupus presents among a range of ages and races/ethnicities in a variety of cultural settings;
  • Interactive case studies—offer medical education simulation aimed to teach students to apply clinical reasoning in the diagnosis of lupus;
  • Short teaching videos—provide a unique opportunity to learn about lupus from experts and hear directly from lupus patients.

The resources are also appropriate for teaching more general concepts such as health disparities, management of chronic disease, cultural competence and coordination of care.

To access these resources, please complete this brief survey; or contact Stacey Boyd at, or (404) 633-3777 x804.