For Use With Patients

Information to help empower your patients:

  • “Lupus – What you need to know” - Patient DVD 
    The Lupus Initiative® has partnered with Emory University School of Medicine to create this DVD resource for patients with lupus and those who wish to better understand and support patients living with this persistent illness. The DVD covers topics related to the newly diagnosed patient and those managing life with chronic disease.  The DVD, entitled “Lupus – What you need to know,” was recorded in English but offers Spanish and English subtitles.Providers may also wish to use this DVD in their waiting rooms or distribute copies to patients and their families/support networks to help them better understand a lupus diagnosis. Individual segments, as well as the entire contents of the DVD are available for online viewing. Click here to view video.
  • “Ask Me Three” – An Illustrated Story on Adherence
    Ask Me Three” is an illustrated story, in a comic book format, inspired by the article Patient-clinician communication key to better adherence by Michael Rapoff, PhD. The adherence graphic highlights the importance of following your doctor’s instructions and the value of good communication between patient and physician. This resource is available as part of the Toolkit and as a stand-alone piece through our Web site. English and Spanish versions are available for download. Click here to view and download graphic. Click here to view and download graphic in Spanish.
  • Symptom Tracker
    Using our Symptom Tracker, patients can monitor the onset and duration of symptoms between visits in order to provide comprehensive information during examination. Click here to get the Symptom Tracker. The tool is currently available in English and Spanish.
    MyLupusTeam ( is the largest social network for those living with Lupus. Come see why thousands have joined for free.

The Lupus Initiative website is pleased to offer the following additional resources to assist providers and their patients:

  • Spanish-language Lectures
    We offer two Spanish-language lectures on lupus for a patient audience: “An Overview of Lupus” and “Lupus and Your Heart.” Recorded at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, New York as part of the SLE Lupus Foundation’s five-borough educational series on lupus, these lectures were developed to help patients understand some of challenges faced by those in racial and/or ethnic groups disproportionately impacted by lupus. Click here to view the lectures. These lectures were recorded in Spanish and have been subtitled in English. Slides to accompany the lectures are available for view/download in both Spanish and English.
  • Personal Health Records Lecture
    Personal health records (or PHR) can be a useful tool – particularly for people with chronic diseases whose outcomes are positively impacted by their proactivity and who often require care provided by a team of medical professionals.  Click here for a lecture on the value of maintaining a PHR. Available in English with Spanish subtitles.
  • Spanish-language Resources
    The Lupus Initiative® is pleased to offer resources for use with Spanish-speaking patients. Product descriptions above include the available languages.  Click here to be directed to our Spanish-language page.