The Role of Perspectives in Lupus Care

     View this four part video series and learn how patient and physician shortcuts in thinking impact the diagnosis and treatment of lupus.

  • PART 1 – Introduction
  • PART 2 – The STUFF© that
                   Triggers Bias
  • PART 3 – Excellence
  • PART 4 – Breaking Biases



Read about the STUFF that makes us susceptible to relying on our biases instead of the data.



Read about how biases are formed and where they can be interrupted.



Learn about practical techniques to interrupt provider and patient biases.


Can you resist the pull of cognitive biases? Take 10 minutes to find out.

Take 2 minutes to learn more about your interpretations.

4 CME activities; 3.0 hours of CME credit on conscious and unconscious bias in lupus care.