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Current Projects

The Lupus Initiative has several exciting projects underway to advance the goal of raising lupus awareness and eliminating the associated health disparities.

The Lupus Initiative® created an online lupus-specific education module to provide credit toward maintenance of certification as required by the American Board of Internal Medicine (CARE: Lupus). This course is available now, at no charge to the first 500 registrants. Click here to access the course on the ACR's website.

The Lupus Initiative® has six new interactive case studies covering the clinical manifestations of lupus and issues of cultural competence. Click here to access these cases and complete a survey to give us your feedback.

The Teaching Fellows in Lupus Project aims to reduce health disparities in lupus by increasing awareness and knowledge among frontline health care providers. The program utilizes rheumatology fellows to deliver standardized lupus education for frontline providers. If you are a Rheumatology Program Director or Fellow, click here to learn more.

Below are the presentations from the Central Oregon Lupus Education series through the DHHS Office of Minority Health (grant number CPIMP161119-01-00).

Session 1: Demystifying SLE

Session 2: Dermatology & SLE

Session 3: Pregnancy & SLE